Hong Kong Council for Technology & Creation (HKCTC) is a non-profit making organization Registered in Hong Kong (SAR), providing a global platform for creative Industries & innovative technologies Industries-related between Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The HKCTC is primary involved in introducing the Hong Kong creative & innovative heritage and technology projects to mainland China and leverage their local relationships to promote projects. The HKCTC undertakes direct promotional activities like joint participation in existing projects. To achieve this, the HKCTC provides the latest market information to its members regarding projects enquiries, and also invites countries to explore areas of co-operation in upstream and downstream. The HKCTC regularly communicates in various countries. This platform will provide an unparalleled opportunity to discover the various facts of today’s China, especially the surge in Creative & Innovative Industries and economic growth.

Our vision

Develop world-class creative & innovative brands and establish a reliable business collaborating partnership.

Our mission

Foster dialogue and understanding among Hong Kong and Mainland China business leaders in creative Industries & innovative technologies

Implement creative & innovative Industries advancement into value service and benefits each other.

Be a collective voice to influence of the corporations, governments, multilateral organizations and members of civil society.

Core values

To create add value with technology

Our objectives

To organize and search projects of creative & innovative Industries to provide networking and sharing opportunities for members of the council to meet each other and explore business opportunities

To promote the consideration and discussion of all questions affecting all areas of the creative Industries and innovative technologies and generally to safeguard and protect the interests, intellectual property rights of its members engaged in such Industries or promotions.

To provide legitimate and competent representations to various HKSAR Government Departments or other Industry organizations for the creative and Innovative Industries.

Operation Structure

We typically hold difference plenary centers to develop new opportunities interaction among creative and innovative projects, both internal and external to the centers.

Creative & Brand Optimization Centre
With remarkable advantages of professional services in Hong Kong for creative design in digital industries and project marketing, the center is established for building up a highly-effective system of talent filter, which is supported by a series of rigorous screening process, extension selection and methodology for matching talent reaping favorable achievement for our members.

Innovative Technologies Application Centre
The Innovation Technologies Application center consists of service lines that enable technologies to respond quickly and efficiently to new business opportunities with our members, and always maintains focuses on establishing a clear identity that allows to meet our goals and close innovation gaps, to make a more dynamic and inclusive innovation system and society, and helping organizations make continuous advancements in productivity and enhance the region’s competitiveness for our members.

Business Incubation Centre
HKCTC has created the Global Creation & Innovation Incubation Center, providing incubation and entrepreneurial services to innovative ventures that demonstrate the ability to develop market niche products in creative industries, with the ultimate aim to develop the creative economy and boost the wealth creation process. It facilitates the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resource and services, along with technical mentor-ship and resources tailored to young firms.

Business Matching Centre
Our business matching service is an ideal method for small and large businesses to seek out potential, new professional partners. As a gateway to vast business networks covered Hong Kong and cities of Mainland China, we are carrying a range of ongoing programs in creative industries and innovative technology-industries related business supported by Chinese local government. Our members can get full support by a team of experienced specialists who filter through the crowd and to find contact who matches your business needs.